matt velarde is a photographer and gallerist based in the uk

matt’s early career was centred around the advertising and pr industry but he never lost sight of his true calling: photography

after many years in these industries he took the plunge and returned to college and obtained a ba honours degree in fine art photography; this gave him the confidence and spur to follow his true vocation

these days, he primarily focuses on landscape based images. he is intent on blurring the line between the figurative, graphic and abstract in what he sees in the places and spaces in the world around him

matt has travelled to locations around the world, as well as the uk. he draws inspiration from coastal waters and their skies and the beaches and bays and the landscapes that spill down into them. In his travels he is particularly drawn to creating more isolated and contemplative images

most recently i have embarked on an exciting new venture with my wife and artist fi wallace-velarde. In 2023 we launch velarde gallery | garden | rooms, a purpose built contemporary art and craft gallery with sculpture garden, boutique apartments and a resident artist’s studio in beautiful south devon

to find out more go to

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